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Thursday, November 10, 2011

VBA2C twins-in the hospital!

It always makes my day when I run across a Birth Warrior in an unexpected environment. This one came via my son’s preschool teacher. I love amazing birth stories, and then VBAC birth stories are really fun to hear, but TWIN VBA2C? And she didn’t go through ICAN? I was beside myself.

I will share the link to her blog at the end of this post, but want to say that what I find amazing about us women is we all come in different shapes and sizes and wear different armor. Meaning this is one of those women who just did it, she just did it! She wanted it and it happened. There are women like that, and there are women like me who share and talk and preach and then put up photos and would even post a video. There are those who are so quiet, and those that are loud. Those that do it all alone, and those that are surrounded by people. What matters is that we do it the way we feel the safest and most supported, no matter where that is, and who is there. And that everyone around us believes in us.

This is how it should be here in the US. It isn’t though, without alot of fighting, demanding and preparing. In the meantime, we will keep working, and of course women will keep having babies.

So enjoy this birth story-and if you are a mama out there wanting a VBAC, or vaginal birth of twins or a breech baby, or don't want to end in cesarean unless truly necessary, it can happen!

Jessica's amazing birth story: