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Saturday, August 15, 2009

VBAC Webinar

Presented by VBAC Facts, “The Truth About VBAC” answers all your questions about vaginal birth after cesarean giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why is this Webinar Important?

We live in a time where 50% of American hospitals have formal or de facto VBAC bans, where women are told VBAC is illegal, and where the practice of “pit to distress” is common.

Women who schedule their repeat cesarean do so believing that VBAC is not an option while others fight during labor to avoid unnecessary surgery after unknowingly hiring unsupportive medical professionals.

Women are not told that the risk decreases with each VBAC and yet increases with each cesarean. Women are not told that there is an approximately 99.6% chance they will not rupture and a 99.95% chance that their baby will be born alive and without permanent injury.* In short, women are led to believe that VBACs are risky, cesareans are safe and they believe it.

* Risk of uterine rupture during a spontaneous labor after one prior low horizontal cesarean is 0.4% or 1 in 250. Risk of infant death or brain damage is 0.05% or 1 in 2000. (Landon 2004)


The goal of the webinar is to make information available and digestible for people to make their own decisions, never to convince anyone to have a VBAC or homebirth. Although women are more likely to have a successful VBAC in the out-of-hospital environment, many women prefer hospitals and are looking for ways to increase their likelihood of VBAC success. The webinar provides women with fully cited, research based information as well as specific, practical tools to plan their VBACs in either location through a comprehensive review of the latest VBAC research.


Over the course of two 90-minute sessions, “The Truth About VBAC” provides women with a extensive analysis of their options as well as the encouragement they need to successfully VBAC:

Part 1: Sunday, September 27 9:00 pm EDT (6:00 pm PDT):

* Why do VBACs have a bad reputation?

* Cesarean Section: Immediate & long term risks to mom

* Cesarean Section: Risks to newborn

* Cesarean Section: Risks to future pregnancies

* Benefits of cesarean section

* Case study of a hospital VBAC ban

* VBAC success factors

* The marketing of "risk"

Part 2: Sunday, October 4 9:00 pm EDT (6:00 pm PDT):

* Uterine Rupture: An overview

* VBAC: Risks to baby

* VBAC: Risks to mom

* Benefits of spontaneous vaginal birth

* The risks & benefits of hospital vs. home vbac

* How to select a truly supportive care provider

* Coping with unsupportive friends & family

* Reading list & learning more

The fee for this 2-part webinar is only $30. Click here to register.

Click here for more information.

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