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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

30 Days of ICAN: Day 21

Today we are featuring an ICAN professional member: Melissa Kosloski

Melissa writes:

I am the mother of two young boys, who each were born under very different conditions. The first, an induction turned cesarean in the hospital and the second a home VBAC in the water. Having these very different birthing experiences has lead me to certify as a childbirth educator with Birth Boot Camp and to work as a birth doula. I am passionate about offering support and helping to educate women and their families during their pregnancy and birth. I also volunteer my time to help run The Birth Community, the local childbirth network, in central Minnesota. I teach in the St. Cloud area, where I live with my husband and rambunctious boys.

I feel that resources like ICAN are very important to birthing women and their families. Often times women who experience a cesarean birth don't have any idea what to expect or of the challenges that go along with them until after they have one. In my own experience, I knew I didn't want a cesarean with my first, but I did nothing to prepare myself to avoid one, nor did I have any idea what a challenge I would face in my desire to have a VBAC with subsequent pregnancies. My own journey has lead to my desire to teach childbirth education and support women through birth as a doula. I hope to encourage women to learn about their options and understand birth so that she can make the decisions that are best for her and her baby.

If you want more information please visit Melissa's website at:

If you would like more information about Doula's in general,  The Childbirth Collective is a good place to start. 

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