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Friday, August 29, 2008

discussion with a coworker

I know, it never goes well, but a coworker shared his birth "horror" stories with me yesterday. First was induced at 38 weeks due to bag breaking. All went "well" (it didn't end in c-section,, anyway). Second one she was on bedrest at 32 weeks due to preterm labor, delivered at 37 weeks. He said to me, "if we could have a guarantee of a drama-free labor next time we would have another." I said there are no guarantees but get a midwife and have a homebirth and you will probably be OK. Of course he thought I was kidding and laughed a laugh that sounded like an animal in the throws of death.

I walked away with a big adrenaline rush thinking about how for so many women who don't end in c-section--well, it is pure luck. I was the "unlucky one." I couldn't do the induction, nor could baby Earl. But what if I had? That would have been my view of birth--just like my coworker. I am so thankful I found ICAN. I am so thankful for midwives. I am so thankful that birth CAN and SHOULD be wonderful, not a disaster waiting to happen. The beautiful, wonderful, powerful, intense and amazing thing that labor and birth is--well, this is more in line and makes sense for how wondrous life is. It never made sense to me that it should be so awful when it began with something so wonderful (hopefully) and then produces something so wonderful! Think about it! It is all about love and sharing. The disconnect between making a baby and having the baby in arms by the obstetrical model should have everyone suspicious. It just doesn't make sense. The Orgasmic Birth possibility seems less crazy all the time.....

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