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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello from Heather--how I became a VBACTIVIST

Welcome! I am so excited to be part of a blog—my first one! I personally will use this to share with anyone who reads it things I have learned about VBAC and all the surrounding issues and controversies, and other interesting things.

My journey to VBAC has changed the course of my life. Because of my VBAC, I now believe in myself like I never had before. This is not because my VBAC was successful, per se, but because I was able to trust in myself, and do the work necessary (read, exercise, read, read, surround myself with support, eat well etc) to avoid another c-section. I did not do these things perfectly, and some worse than others, but I tried, and by the end I was almost unafraid and I did believe. That it did end in a successful VBAC was incredible and cemented my journey as being the right one for me. Had it ended in c-section, I am confident that I would have felt I did everything right and was one of the 5-15% who should end in c-section. I tell myself that anyway—easy to say on my side of the fence….

I hope that anyone who has even the slightest concerns over their first c-section and think maybe they don’t want to do that again, to come on the journey! It leads to amazing women, children, midwives, doctors, doulas and all sorts of birth activists! I forgot spouses/partners—they are a big part of the journey as well…..

I will post my c-section/VBAC photos when I find them.

In the meantime, I started the whole process when I was pregnant again by immediately dumping my OB who wanted to schedule another section, the one who said to not use an epidural is “silly,” went to see a midwife, and signed up for Bradley classes. My new husband and I had no idea how our lives were about to change!

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