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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Empowered Birth After Cesarean (EBAC)

I recently learned a new term: EBAC, or Empowered Birth After Cesarean. Marisa Ring from ICAN of the Northland used it and I am hooked. The reason I like EBAC is because it can include all types of birth after cesarean, even CBAC (Cesarean Birth After Cesarean).

I think we often assume that VBAC is the only positive type of birth to have after a cesarean. Most of the time, it is the best birth to plan for. But it is not the only birth that can be empowered. I have heard women from our group talk about their repeat cesareans (what some might call "failed VBACs" - an awful term) as very empowering experiences because they were in control and making fully-informed decisions this time around, even though another cesarean was the best option.

CBACs can be empowered, VBACs can be empowered, HBACs can be empowered, UBACs can be empowered. What matters most no matter how we give birth is that we give birth. To me, this is what ICAN is all about: education and support for empowered birth.

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