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Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Hope for VBAmC

VBAmC - that stands for Vaginal Birth After Multiple Cesareans. I ran across this article the other day and appreciated the hopeful information that it had for women seeking a VBAmC. I know of women who had a repeat cesarean after their first cesarean just based on information from their doctor telling them that a subsequent c-section would be in their best interests. It's not until after that repeat c-section that they discover that maybe they can still deliver vaginally. Or there is the woman who attempted a VBAC and for whatever reason it ended in a c-section and she may be wondering about the safety of VBAC for her - or better yet (in my opinion) - how she is going to convince a care provider that it is safe. I believe that one of the biggest issues for VBAmC is finding care provider support - especially if it is a woman's preference to deliver in the hospital setting. One may have the best luck finding support with home-birth midwives or birth centers - but what about those who need to/want to deliver in the hospital setting?

In short summary this article highlights the fact that of the 89 women who attempted a vaginal delivery out of 860 - all of who had 3 prior c-sections or more - none of those women experienced a uterine rupture. The article notes that it is a small sample size as it is difficult for women to try or "be allowed" to try a VBAmC.

Overall - there is a positive tone and it appears that VBAmC is being looked at more closely. I hope that this conference in March will provide fair, insightful, and continued overall positive change towards the VBAC movement.

Let me just conclude this by saying that I believe if the mother has looked at her options, knows her risks vs. benefits and believe that a VBAmC is for her, then by all means, she should pursue it and believe in herself. Like I stated above, the challenge for her is finding a supportive care provider willing to stand alongside her.

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