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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Save the Date: "Laboring Under an Illusion"

ICAN of the Twin Cities is proud to announce a film screening of "Laboring Under An Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs. The Real Thing" to celebrate April's Cesarean Awareness Month. Please save the date and time on your calendar!

Saturday, April 24th, 3:00pm
Washburn Library, Minneapolis

Donations will be accepted for admission. Refreshments will be served!

A brief description of the film:
"Breathe!  Push!  Hurry!  Give me drugs!  Oh no!  I love you!  I hate you!  Help!  Are we bonding yet? There are more pregnant women watching TV birth scenes than attending childbirth classes.  So when labor starts, they may be surprised by the real thing. A new documentary film, “Laboring Under An Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs.The Real Thing,” contrasts actual birth footage with the fictionalized commercial version.  In
over 100 video clips, anthropologist Vicki Elson explores media-generated myths about childbirth."

More information here.

1 comment:

A Woman's Design said...

Very excited to see this. I wrote a post about this exact thing- how media and society influences our opinion about pregnancy and childbirth.