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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Three Birth Centers Opening in the Twin Cities!

Wow - three birth centers are opening/have opened in the Twin Cities. I am so excited about the increase in options for women here. These are exciting times!

This article at Twin talks about the birth center opening in St. Paul. Midwife, Amy Johnson-Grass is opening up this one and it is called Health Foundations. It also touches on Morningstar Birth Center as well, which is connected with the Menomonie birth center in WI.

This article discusses Health Foundations Birth Center, the Morningstar Birth Center that will open in St. Louis Park, and a Minneapolis Birth Center that will be in the vicinity Abbott and Children's hospital.

One of the quotes I really like is the one that talks about how birth centers fit with the "cultural norm" of going somewhere else to birth, but are a low-intervention option for birth that is similar to homebirth.

Take some time to look over these articles. Like I said - exciting stuff for the metro area. More options for women. Let me or other ICAN members know if you have questions about the birth centers. I'll try to stay on top of all of the new developments, births, and etc. in relation to these exciting new developments!

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